Bravo! will utilize the latest networking technologies to design and install a system that meets your business needs and exceeds your expectations. Listed below are some of the many services our certified network consultants can provide to you and your organization.

Networking Technologies
Wiring & Infrastructure Design
Data & Telecommunications Planning
Ethernet, Fiber, and Wireless Network Design & Implementation
Wi-Fi mesh networks and Wi-Fi security
TCP/IP LAN & WAN Configuration
Switching and Routing Design & Configuration
Local Area Networking

Network Configuration, Installation and Support
Microsoft Active Directory Planning and Deployment
Multi-protocol Network Configuration
Network Migration Services
Intranet and Internet Configuration
Client Desktop Deployment
Licensing and Pricing Evaluation
Hardware Capacity Planning and Upgrades
Support for multiple operating systems including:

    Microsoft Windows Server Editions, Windows Desktop Editions and Windows Embedded Editions
    Linux and Unix
    Virtualization hypervisor (ESXI)

Microsoft Exchange Server
Microsoft Terminal Server

Wide Area Networking
WAN Design, Installation & Support Services
Router Installation & Configuration
Network Switching and Virtual LAN (VLAN) Configuration
Virtual Private Network (VPN) Implementation
Dedicated Internet access Solutions
Data and Telecommunications Design and Implementation

Networking Support Contracts

Remote Monitoring and Management
On-going Administration & Support Services
Short-term & Project-based Support
Long-term Support Contracts
Secure Remote Administration Services

Short and long-term network support contracts are available for on-site network installation and administration services as well as for remote administration and support. These flexible support options can be used to complement existing staff or provide all of the Information Technology services required for your organization.